Heralds of the Old Gods

Adventure 4

Manor in the Woods

Tristan and his 'twin' Angie confront a ghost in Angel's Roost's town park- and soon the other party members do as well.  Lavender sacrifices her memories of Cal in order to keep from hurting him, and the party bands together to follow the ghost that has possessed Aubrey in order to find its cause.  The party encounters the manor belonging to Mariane, and quickly learn of Mariane's nature as a survivor of a previous cycle of Heralds.  After traversing her manor and defeating her, the party (especially Aubrey) encounter another troupe of Heralds, consisting of Jonah Seels, Toby Bryant, Lally Davis, Sarah Bailey, and Jules Brooks.  The party (plus Brett) manage to escape and make it back home.



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