Brett Danski

A senior football runningback at Angel's Roost High and a spellcaster with sun-based powers.


Brett has said that he worships the god “Kinich Ahau” and has described his god as being related to the sun. He wields a fiery mace, and has demonstrated the following abilities in combat:

  • Blurring his outline with bright light.
  • Travelling with a flash of flame/bright light.
  • Transforming his face into a hideous monster and being able to make bite attacks.
  • Is partially blind when transformed.

Brett Danski is the star runningback for Angel’s Roost’s football team. He’s tall, blonde, and sturdily built, but has a soft face and slightly scraggly facial hair. Brett is quite emotionally sensitive, but also gets into fights quite easily because of his short temper. He’s currently dating/courting Elias.

Brett Danski

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