A red fox serial killer.


Wouldn’t you like to know :)
So far, she’s shown that she can do some of the following things when she’s fighting:

  • Coyote can cast cure spells (and has healed Elias in the past)
  • Coyote can use magic to compel people to drink things that she offers to them (like poisoning Angie with Drain-O)
  • She can dash across the battlefield and attack as she goes



Coyote resembles an anthropomorphic fox with banded leather armor and a long rapier. She wears baggy clothes over her armor and has longer red hair on the back of her head. She’s been implicated/responsible for a lot of mysterious deaths around here and there, like multiple ‘suicides’ of drinking cleaning supplies or poisons. She also tried to, with an unknowing Maia, compel an already wounded Angie to drink Drain-O.


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