The last survivor of a previous Brazilian cycle of Heralds.


Fought using a set of magical ribbons and could lay down traps and hazards with them, as well as restraining her foes and obscuring vision. Mariane was a middle aged and dark skinned Brazilian woman with short, bleached, curly hair. She also wielded a knife with a skull at its base and had a pair of Krenshars that served her in battle.



Mariane was the sole survivor of a previous “cycle” of heralds of the Mayan Gods. She lived in a large manor house in the woods, surrounded by guards of many different types of monsters, including wax golems modeled after her past companions, friends, and enemies. She hailed from the Brazilian town of Hoer Verde. According to legend, in 1923 all 600+ inhabitants of the village of Hoer Verde vanished overnight, leaving behind unfinished meals, unlocked doors, and a smoking gun, as well as a note that read “there is no salvation”.

She said that the incident of Hoer Verde was caused by the chosen of Kisin in her cycle, a girl name Laura who created a rift into Xibalba and wiped out the whole village. Mariane felt some remorse over the past and her inability to help, as well as over her lack of magical power without her magical items, and what she really wanted was to be a friend of the PCs because she hadn’t really matured beyond her teenage years and was still desperate for attention.


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