Heralds of the Old Gods

Adventure 4
Manor in the Woods

Tristan and his 'twin' Angie confront a ghost in Angel's Roost's town park- and soon the other party members do as well.  Lavender sacrifices her memories of Cal in order to keep from hurting him, and the party bands together to follow the ghost that has possessed Aubrey in order to find its cause.  The party encounters the manor belonging to Mariane, and quickly learn of Mariane's nature as a survivor of a previous cycle of Heralds.  After traversing her manor and defeating her, the party (especially Aubrey) encounter another troupe of Heralds, consisting of Jonah Seels, Toby Bryant, Lally Davis, Sarah Bailey, and Jules Brooks.  The party (plus Brett) manage to escape and make it back home.

Second Death
Seiki's Eulogy

Seiki Souzen died after being pummeled by four tentacle attacks from the Aboleth Krjynz.  She stood her ground to allow her teammates to escape, but she was struck down.  Her body washed downstream in the Hudson, but was reanimated as a revenant by the sheer energy of vengeance that her patrons incorporated into her, as she had not completed the goal they had laid out for her yet.  

Adventure 3
Something in the River

A Gillfolk named Michele Sidonia contacted each PC individually, asking for their help in defeating an aboleth named Krjynz that had recently moved into the waters near Angel's Roost.  In the aftermath of Maia's death, the party accepted, and in the ruins created by the Aboleth they met Aubrey, who had just lost a week of their memory, and Coyote, who was being held captive.  Michele turned on the players when they came across the Aboleth, and though the party was able to move to escape, Seiki was killed trying to protect her allies.  The party managed to destroy the aboleth, but Seiki's body was washed away.

First Death
Maia's Eulogy

Maia O'Connor died from fall damage after confronting Angie in her hospital room.  Kulkulkan chastised Maia, and Maia's consciousness ceased after the shadow of a bat passed over her.  Her eyes were taken by Kisin and presented to Elias.  

Adventure 2
Homecoming Time!

Homecoming has rolled around!  Lavender is going with Cal but has decided to not go to the afterparty, Seiki is going with Hana, Maia is going with Toby, and Elias and Arista are going stag.  After some teenage shenanigans, the power cuts at the party and the party members quickly realize that there are strange mosquito creatures attacking- and draining vital energy- from some of the party goers.  Toby is revealed as a Herald, and some of the other party guests seem to be Heralds as well.  Lavender makes a sacrifice to Awilix to get to the party and help support her friends, and the party follows the mosquito creatures- Calpinas- into the woods, where they encounter and bargain with the Calpina Queen to keep her from hurting anyone else.

Adventure 1
Granny Gray

A kind old woman named Maude had moved to Angel's Roost at the same time as several attacks by strange giants.  During these attacks, several children went missing from Angel's Roost, including Cal's little brother Anthony and Arista's younger brother Idmon.  The party made their way through what swiftly became a strange enchanted forest to rescue the missing children, as well as Toby and Elias, after visiting Maude's blood-stained mobile home and encountered her, after she had transformed into a strange witchlike creature.  They defeated her and returned home with 6 magic stones: "Know thy Enemy", "Remove Sickness", "Anticipate Peril", "Web Shelter", "Snapdragon Fireworks", and "Unseen Servant".

Coming to Provenance

Maia, Lavender, Seiki, Elias, and Arista were compelled by their deities' voices to travel to Jolene's Diner.  While sat there, they encountered a horde of creatures called "Aluxob" led by a Forlarren woman- a strange woman with goat legs and horns.  The Forlarren, while dying, told the PCs that she had to kill them for her master in order to stop them from bringing the apocalypse.  In her pocket, Seiki found a business card leading to an unknown address.

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