Heralds of the Old Gods

Adventure 2

Homecoming Time!

Homecoming has rolled around!  Lavender is going with Cal but has decided to not go to the afterparty, Seiki is going with Hana, Maia is going with Toby, and Elias and Arista are going stag.  After some teenage shenanigans, the power cuts at the party and the party members quickly realize that there are strange mosquito creatures attacking- and draining vital energy- from some of the party goers.  Toby is revealed as a Herald, and some of the other party guests seem to be Heralds as well.  Lavender makes a sacrifice to Awilix to get to the party and help support her friends, and the party follows the mosquito creatures- Calpinas- into the woods, where they encounter and bargain with the Calpina Queen to keep her from hurting anyone else.



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