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  • Coyote

    Coyote resembles an anthropomorphic fox with banded leather armor and a long rapier. She wears baggy clothes over her armor and has longer red hair on the back of her head. She's been implicated/responsible for a lot of _mysterious deaths_ around here …

  • Richard Vincent

    Richard has been Arista's lab partner in Chemistry for the whole semester. He his quiet but has gone out to get waffles with Arista. He usually shows up to class with massive eye bags and says that he's been getting sleep but just hasn't felt rested at …

  • Marianne

    Mariane was the sole survivor of a previous "cycle" of heralds of the Mayan Gods. She lived in a large manor house in the woods, surrounded by guards of many different types of monsters, including wax golems modeled after her past companions, friends, …

  • Jonah Seels

    Jonah Seels is a senior at Angel's Roost High who has recently been cast as Sweeney Todd in the school's 2017 production.

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